Top 3 styles of a render that generates leads

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As the popular saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. The power and influence of beautifully crafted and executed renders make all the difference. It observes the practice of “Show, Don’t Tell.” whilst influencing your sales which accounts for nearly 50% to 60% of someone’s decision to proceed further.

In this post, we discuss the top 3 styles of renders that generate the most leads. Property marketing is a competitive space, and crafting exquisite renders is an artful expression of the developer’s vision. We took a chance to sit down and chat with one of Australia’s leading CGI specialists Spiro Politis, the owner of Campaign Focus — a property exclusive advertising and marketing agency, and Pixel Focus – a 3D architectural visualisation studio, to talk about renders. They have single handedly marketed over a billion dollars worth of projects with clients in Australia, Asia, and Europe.   

Top 3 Styles of Renders that Generate the Most Leads

Mood and emotion are imperative when creating a render to help sell a project. Just like a photographer would set up the lighting before a shoot, renders need to incorporate lighting as a window into the project’s soul. Capturing the sunlight and ambient lighting creates mood and energy to replicate a fantasia of the real world. Lighting is artistry. And that is why composition and depth of field all help enrich the realism of materials, textures, whilst plants are key to making renders photorealistic. Here are the top 3 styles of renders that generate the most leads:

1. Sunset/late afternoon

There is something melodic about the way humans connect with sunsets and this photorealistic image transports the buyer into a romantic, dreamy afternoon scene by creating desire. It casts a warm glow over the room’s hues and accentuates glassy and shiny surfaces with dazzling accents. Together with burnt yellow colors on directly lit areas, the long and soft shadows are some distinguishing characteristics of a sunset atmosphere. At this time of day, most items exposed to the sun’s rays appear to have a “rim” of burned yellow color that spreads to brighter yellow colours. The overall atmosphere is also relatively darker due to its low intensity. This mystery is alluring and is often a winner in lead generation.

Apt 102 L8 Living Dining tv.LR 1 | New World Tower | Pixel Focus

2. Interior evening with mood lighting

The richness of evening renders transports buyers into a magnetic world of possibilities. Look closely and you can observe how the designer thought about artificial lighting. The first type of lighting is ambient, or general lighting, which is given by chandeliers and the soft pulse of ceiling lights. Then there’s task lighting, which is provided by smaller, frequently adjusted bulbs, which illuminates specific locations like desks, vanities and reading nooks – drawing us into an intimate world. Finally, there’s accent lighting, which includes uplights, wall sconces, niche lights and candlelight. These fittings are visible in a photorealistic evening interior rendering, which divides the rooms into functional divisions. It also shows the many properties of light, such as whether it is bright or warm, white or colored, direct or dispersed. This helps your buyers visualise space and how to utilise the room.

shot 27 Explorers lounge Large | New World Tower | Pixel Focus

3. Dusk external shots with interior lights on

Exterior dusk shots with radiating interior lights sell. Exterior renders celebrate the architectural triumph of a project’s vision and is often the hero image used across marketing assets. So when developing an external render, it is vital to consider how light behaves in the real world, including how it lights, casts shadows, and reflects various objects and surfaces. Without darkness, light cannot flourish – poetic yet true. Simply applying a filter will not be enough to capture the building’s appearance at nightfall with all of the external lights turned on. FINAL WORDS: Finding the right specialist to bring your project to life cannot be underestimated. Working across multiple time zones and continents, we have seen first hand how developers can get access to a larger talent pool if they’re willing to explore possibilities beyond their own city.

Cam02 Exterior Dusk3 | New World Tower | Pixel Focus

Campaign Focus was founded by Spiro Politis in 1991, whilst Pixel Focus has been in the industry for over 15 years. With its specialisation in both advertising and architectural visualisation, clients get the renders and flythroughs as well as the full advertising and branding campaigns out of the same office.